Internet Killed the Newscast Star

I am trying to determine how I feel about the direction that media seems to be taking and I think that as we become more and more internet reliant for our media/news I can be thankful for the possibility that the “perky morning weather girl” might someday become extinct.

I know that I have found myself no longer waiting for the local newscast come on to discover what is going on that day.I wake up in the morning and my cable box tells me what the temp is outside, what the forecast is for the day and what to expect for the rest of the week specifically where I live, not just the nearest large town/city. I then jump on the internet to read the latest updates on stories from around the world.

Basically I am one of those people that is easily annoyed by the perky newscaster in the morning and would rather read the story than have him/her tell me in the overly bubbly voice that there was yet another shooting at a local nightclub or another union is going on strike. I also believe that I am not alone in this annoyance.

What does any of this have to do with new media? I have one word: YouTube. I think that people are already writing blogs and occasionally (if not regularly) posting videos. Why not post your own news cast? If anything this might remove the stigma of having to be a size 0 to read the news.

I said before that I thought blogging has reignited the passion for writing; maybe web casting can reignite our passion for hamming it up for the camera too.


4 Responses to Internet Killed the Newscast Star

  1. Lou Heldman says:

    I like the idea of people posting their own newscasts, but they’d have to get up even earlier. And, what if they’re naturally perky!

  2. I agree, but not because I have also dreamed of killing the perky newscast. I feel that often times, professional journalism has alienated minorities and people living in low-income neighborhoods. And although news proclaims to be unbiased, it’s evident in the way news is reported. Rarely do I ever hear about the good things found in community involvement or efforts by my minority peers. What usually makes the headlines are the nightclub shootings and domestic incidents in the community that occur in some of the neighborhoods I grew up in. Hardly ever is light shed on preventive methods. I believe that web casting or citizen journalism is a great opportunity for news to be a reflection of a larger demographic thus, increasing viewership.

  3. newsfuture says:

    If you want to create your own newscast and post on YouTube, I’d be happy to talk with youy about it as a big bonus point item. I like the idea.

  4. brozzell says:

    Here is a couple of guys who are doing news broadcasts on YouTube

    I would think YouTube would be a great place for WSU to put on their Channel B broacasts since no one gets to see them after they are aired one time.

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