Breaking News

I was watching the news this past week and was very surprised to hear the news caster say,”Breaking news. Madonna’s publicist has just confirmed that she and Guy Ritchie are indeed getting divorced.” I wanted to cry. Not because Madonna was getting divorced, but because I just realized how much celebrities run modern media. The fact that this information was classified as “breaking news” on a reputable news program makes me want to go live in a cave with my head under a rock. Why should I care that somebody that makes millions of dollars just had their marriage fail?

Obviously this type of reporting is driven by the desires of the audience. With sites like TMZ and X17 in popular demand, the media feels the need to jump on the bandwagon. I am not sure why this particular event made me finally aware of this need for a celebrity gossip fix that the American audience has. It should have been clear with the following of Paris Hilton’s jail stay and the need to speculate who has a baby bump. I guess I have just spent the last few years convincing myself that the actual news wouldn’t be worrying about reporting such frivolous information.

It is my hope that as we continue on that the future of media will come back to reality. Enough with the gossip about Britney Spears and the discussion of who might be knocked up. Tell me how my retirement fund is going to bounce back before I am 65 and whether or not the soldiers are ever coming back from Iraq. If you need to fill in time slots help inform me how to finance better so I can afford the gas to get to work. Let the gossip sites report on who is getting married and who is divorcing. We have become addicted to celebrities and it is time to go to rehab.


2 Responses to Breaking News

  1. Andrea says:

    You’re a funny, funny girl, Lisa. Of course, the news is saturated with celeb news–it sells. If all they talked about was the dry, depressing NEWS content you so desperately seek, nobody would watch or buy. I agree that it is ridiculous that Americans seem to only care about Hollywood. I think reality has gotten so grim for most of us, we look for anything to take our minds off of how bad our lives are. What a better way than keeping up with Kardashians or Madonna’s divorce–which by the way, isn’t breaking news. It’s only now been confirmed after months of talk about is it over or isn’t it.

    As for your concerns, your retirement isn’t going to me squat when we’re old and soldiers in Iraq likely won’t return home any time soon. And when it’s over, they may be back in the United States but only until they are needed somewhere else. Better financing so you can afford gas? Well, you could move to Wichita and get a bike (It’s an eco-friendly solution, too!)…. Reality sucks!

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