Of Course I’m Write, Depending On Who You Ask

I am more aware every day how unaffiliated I am with any particular political party. I can tell because I watch the major news networks. I am not that old, but I was under the impression that at one point it was unacceptable to show any favoritism to political parties. Today it seems that this rule has been thrown out the window, some networks outwardly flaunt their political opinion.


Maybe this flaunting is more obvious since we are in the process of electing either the first African American President or the first female Vice President. Either one of these is an amazing accomplishment that shows we as a nation are FINALLY representing what we have claimed to represent for the past how many years? I digress. This does not make it acceptable for the people responsible for sharing some of the most important information I may ever hear to put their two cents in.

I am sure my instructor is wondering right about now what this has to do with the future of news media, and here it is. I am predicting that if we continue to allow the media outlets to choose sides politically we will awake in the coming years to media that mirrors the media of our nation’s past. Most newspapers were politically motivated when America first became a country. Then one day that changed and we realized it was important not to be politically motivated. Now we are heading right back to where we came from and I as a concerned media receiver want to make sure this doesn’t happen. Who is with me?


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