About Lisa Neises-Booth

Lisa was born in a small town, but clearly had a mind for the big city. She graduated from Conway Springs High School (never heard of it, no surprise there) in 2001. In 2003 she had a baby girl and decided she HAD to get a college degree. After attending Cowley County Community College for two years she transfered to Wichita State University where she graduated with a degree in Strategic Communication and was awarded the outstanding strategic communication graduate in 2007. Coming from a family that has a strong background in education from Wichita State (we are a dynasty of sort) she decided to continue her education. She is currently a second year graduate student and will be graduating in May of 2009 (YEAH!!!).  To put the food on the table Lisa is a Graduate Teaching Assistant that teaches the dreaded Public Speaking to Wichita State University Students. She wouldn’t say she was the best teacher in the world, but her students might. Although much of Lisa’s life has revolved around Wichita State for the last four years, her heart really lies at home with her family (not that I don’t love my WSU family). She is married to Bryan who works for the city of Wellington and is the proud mommy of a brand new kindergartner Aryana (Ary) and a seven month old Isy who are by far the most awesome kids in the world thanks to having such a wonderful mommy.


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